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We present to you a new paradigm. We have been moved to this work by necessity. We bring unpleasant truth and we bring hope and a sane vision of the future. It is your choice as you navigate this work whether you wish to dwell on diagnosing the problem or jump right to the new ideas that will save so much of our quality of life, and believe it or not, dramatically improve our lives, in ways we don’t even understand entirely yet. This hub of information has no bias, it is to provide you with information to make your own decisions, create your own future, and build a world that you want. It’s up to you, whether you leave this blog now out of boredom, or start building a better tomorrow now with real ideas.

We have hope, that in these unsure and chaotic times, we can begin building a future, over the reality we do not agree with. It is not necessary to battle what we don’t agree with, but it is wise to begin with fresh ideas, have the bravery to work our way into a machine we disagree with, disassemble those aspects which severely endanger any positive outcomes, any future at all,  then peacefully put it back together, in a more humanitarian and environmentally safe way.

This is already happening as we speak and part of our mission here, is to identify the evolving ideas, and reassure you there is indeed, hope after all.

The Diagnosis

We are trying to provide you with the truth, as far as has been documented by historians, anthropologist, supposed journalist, and many other sources, as we currently understand it. We provide you with these sources to track down your own data and manifest your own informed opinion. Our news media has become chaos. Our relationship with the environment has become brutal, and our relationship to each other, detached and violently disassociative. We are not speaking of all people here, we are diagnosing a visible problem. A problem which lays in each of us, that must be further examined and integrated (as in Jung’s term, the shadow). This symbolic relationship identified, and rectified, will put us on a better course in more ways than we can imagine.



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