Bonus: Contact Excerpt


A Slice Of Contact

In his book Mind Control World Control: Encyclopedia of Mind Control, Jim Keith explains how first New Age author Linda Moulton Howe was used and then other famous names in the conspiracy and abduction fields in a similar fashion, to spread disinformation:

“The madness would spread. The UFO field would soon collide with the political conspiracy research field and with the underground patriot movement, and men like Bill Cooper, John Lear, and others would be proclaiming that the secretive men who ruled the world were not men at all. What was done to Bennewitz and Howe on an individual case basis was soon being done to the American public on a much wider scale-and is still being done by disinformation agents and the gullible souls who believe them.” (Keith 288)

When the fields collided, the agendas of the religious, researchers, New Agers, fear porn “experts”, victims, and massive psychological operations all collided in a 60’s-like counterculture complete with its own version of COINTELPRO so to speak, a rather old CIA way of spinning entirely new movements, and majestic distractions. Movies and Television played their own massively important roles in the creation of UFO culture, namely shows like the X-Files, provided a full mythology, a cohesive backdrop for which non-researchers or abductees could understand aspects of real conspiracy and far out theory. More on this later.


         In his legendary ‘tin foil hat’ end times survival manual, Behold a Pale Horse, ex-Naval Intelligence officer William Cooper details some of the exotic mind control technology that could be used to convince someone that they have been abducted over and over by the same three and a half foot tall grey aliens and interfered with in some continuing way, unfortunately among some other, perhaps beneficial, data his book stands to plant fundamentalist conspiracy seeds about everything from the Jewish people to gun control.  Doctor Jose Delgado (1915-2011) pioneered electrical stimulation of the brain, an aspect of mind control (or wiping the mind of vital memories or functions also known as depatterning) which is known popularly as electroshock. He was not alone in advancing the kind of research that allowed electrical stimulation of the occipital lobe to cause hypnagogic suggestions, full control and manipulation of emotions, communication patterns, and the direct pursuit of the elimination of free will…

“We may conclude that Electrical Stimulation of the Brain can activate and influence some of the cerebral mechanisms involved in willful behavior. In this way we are able to investigate the neural functions related to the so-called will, and in the near future this experimental approach should permit clarification of such highly controversial subjects as “freedom”, “individuality”and”spontaneity” in factual terms rather than in elusive semantic discussions…” (Keith 129)

As if enough damage had not been dealt with the intentions behind the above statement Delgado continues as if he is Nazi and has no bearing on the times…

“The contention that an ideal society should be “well behaved may be disputed by many and in any case requires a clarification… In some old plantations slaves behaved very well, worked hard, were submissive to their masters, and were probably happier than some of the free blacks in modern ghettos. In several dictatorial countries the general population is skillful, productive, well behaved, and perhaps as happy as those in more democratic societies.”(Keith 129)

Particularly with electroshock, modern psychiatry may be able to actually explain the bright lights witnessed up close in alien abductions with its own methods; similar to those lights seen in near-death experiences, or the use of DMT, where a hypnagogic state may be reached naturally, and involving similar parts of the brain. Over the years psychiatrist have found all kinds of uses for this technique from eradicating the entirety of an individual’s memory to inducing a state of mystical awareness as in the out of body or astral travel type type cases. As one of the most consistent memories of the abduction experience, if this does indeed result from electroshock a type of abduction methodology starts to, perhaps, become clear.

“I was abducted back in the late 60’s by tall guys in full body white jump suits wearing big black goggles

-Remy Chevalier, journalist in correspondence with author Jim Keith (137)

      Even though we can see that some alien-themed scenarios have been fabricated by the intelligence community, and we know that some members of this community have been involved in trans-dimensional magick, there still seems to be an intriguing validity to the alien argument; including the popular ‘ancient astronaut’ theory hinting at an alien influence on ancient civilizations, their mythology and religion, art, technology, and even timekeeping. One needs to look no further than the popular History Channel show Ancient Aliens, where researchers like David Hatcher Childress, Philip Coppens, Nick Redfern, and Giorgio Tsoukalos blend physics, art history, and science know-how to explain many ancient visions and scenarios, that seem to be visitations from another world or a hidden part of our world; the experience obviously being colored by the worldview of the indigenous people who witnessed these events.. Ancient Aliens cross compares the work of all the ancient alien theorists including Erich von Daniken, whom Tsoukalos is a student, as well as Zechariah Sitchin and Robert K G Temple. There is no denying that most ancient civilizations had methods, or believed themselves to be, contacting other dimensions or beings we have no conventional explanation for but who’s interaction narrative is identical to modern contact. This of course includes entities such as elves, angels, demons, fairie, etc… The cultural significance of a given deity or portal (stargate if you like) relating to the geographical proximity to ley lines.

People who are new to the topic of alien abduction often see the subject as being too “far out” to be worth serious consideration; however, the abduction phenomenon has provided physical evidence supporting its argument in the form of microchip implants, crop circles, false memory implants, unexplainable scars and burn marks, and other mysterious anomalies. Though more data points to the abduction experience, itself, being a product of some kind of memory manipulation or mind control, the mere fact that something is happening begs for scientific scrutiny by any willing branch of respectable academia; even if just at a psychological level. If science is not willing then perhaps the magickal community can step forward and help bridge the gap between the intellectual interpretation of other worlds and beings

According to the scribes of the Exopolitics movement Eisenhower and Kennedy were the two Presidents that supposedly signed agreements with tall white gray aliens starting in 1955. These agreements related to the exchange of technology for permission to abduct people for genetic research and racial continuation of their race. The Exopolitics movement is suspect in some ways of being disinformation, from an overly eager staff, to an overnight mass production of unheard of data, to a New Agey Psyop feel books, documentaries, and other material, no one can tell who to trust when it comes to these characters. Michael Salla, one of the more sober of their crew, relates a whole history of the Majestic-12, Kennedy, and alien agreements. Carol Rosin, a former secretary to Wernher Von Braun, details his warnings of false flag terrorism preceding a faked alien threat, sort of echoing the tired rantings of any YouTube scholar and their PhD in non-project Blue Beam.

   In Peter Levenda research he has uncovered that many of the Nazis we thought we successfully “denazified” were actually constantly working against us. Von Braun was sending blueprints, for instance, back to Germany and Russia. Maybe the “contract with aliens” was a contract for the experimentation on American citizens, in psych wards and other “undesirables” by Nazi doctors to perhaps find a way for people to survive the worst possible turns of the Cold War. Nazi doctors would work around the clock officially to develop a person that could survive nuclear fallout; unofficially who knows. The continuation of an Aryan pure bloodline sure does sound like the Nordics, the Indigo children, a kind of bizarre Children of the Damned type child with thin blonde hair and psychic powers, so openly accepted by the New Age community. In any event the “undesirable” list was growing in America and Canada with psychiatric definitions beginning to generally demonize signs of creativity, psychic or mystical philosophy, human potential, and individuality. Later these would meet with the by-product of German pharmaceutical philosophies, an empire quite visible in today’s landscape.

Secret Space Program: A Brief Guide to Supposed Black Programs- the evidence of a shadow government OR a Psyop quite larger than simply faking a Moon Landing.

Project Camelot has functioned throughout the 2000s along with the Exopolitics Movement to provide quite an exotic and paranoid worldview having guest who most often claim to be members of black projects, modern chairs in MJ-12, super soldiers, abductees, military whistleblowers, etc…Throughout the seemingly very eccentric and imaginative stories of all these individuals there is a coherent narrative. Unfortunately the collective story of stargates, alien-human hybrids, psychic super soldiers, and alien bullets becomes far too exotic before it becomes provable. Here, it will be attempted to chart out most of what these individuals wind up collectively suggesting. Without discriminating known facts from victim/witness testimony, this is the general backbone of their story. This researcher will not begin to divine whether these stories are true, half true or made up, but rather provide the stories as they are told free of opinion or belief.

  • Satanic Ritual Abuse is such a widespread activity among the elite that thousands of children and innocent people are recruited for mind control programs, sexual and physical abuse, and ritual sacrifice. This blends rather seamlessly into Trauma Based Mind Control, child trafficking and all sorts of dark areas where research is sparse and cover up is inevitable.
  • Generational super soldiers with trauma based mind control military psychic warrior training and mechanical body augmentation are Manchurian sleeper cells in the world populace prepared for a range of applications from domestic assassinations to end-world survival “programs” (Alex/Janus Programming-Fritz)They have powers which are a spectrum of occult militarization tactics. These individuals were picked because of their genetic makeup in relation to disassociation, photographic memory, “eternal warrior attributes”, among other things.
  • Most of this data is a regurgitation of either Fritz Springmeier or Cathy O’Brien and wild tales of unproven “Project Monarch”. The individuals in question do corroborate each other’s stories in some ways like the use of M.I.L.A.B.S., Satanic ritual, and the Dulce base. Some of these theories are illustrated down to the details in “fictional” works such as Ultimate Soldier, Bourne Identity series, Mindstorm (starring half the X-Files cast) Soldier, Spider Man Unlimited, SALT, etc… Super Soldier James Casbolt explains that the NSA has a form of contract where you can never speak about the top secret projects you’re involved in unless you reproduce it in a form of fiction, in which case the NSA will take a cut of the money made off the fictional work. As we shall see super soldier James Rink notes that shows exhibiting these themes were on TV while the projects were happening and not after. Author and researcher Christopher Knowles makes quite a good point arguing, if these people were involved in the scariest most top secret projects, they would not be alive to tell about it. This notion is explained in some detail in Jim Keith’s book as well, particularly with cases like Cathy O’Brien.
  • There are secret government bases on Mars and the Moon and teleportation devices (jump rooms) can send an elite member there in a moment. This ties with the Philip K Dick based film Total Recall in ways that can’t be ignored.
  • That the MJ-12 group has always been alive and well and work on projects to peer into the future. This group according to ex-member Dan Burisch switches up the twelve members as new up and coming technology and intelligence experts take the place of older members. Even within the group data is compartmentalized similar to the supposed security measures at the Dulce base, with certain members being  privy to only parts of the data, never the whole picture
  • That children were used to remote view scope out Mars pre colonization, including author Andrew Basiago and President Obama. (Violator insert Mars Record)
  • That there are underground bases that carry out secret experiments for the elite.
  • That our government is in possession of a “fleet” of their own UFO type craft.

Now if all of these wild tales had two bases of operation, more so than Colorado, or Sedona, or Mt.Shasta, there seems to be a focus on Area 51and the alleged Dulce Base. The activity at Area 51 being much more factually quantifiable in the form of all kinds of documentation, projects, aircraft, etc…(even if this data is simply a bundle of disinformation) A cursory look at the history of companies such as Lockheed, Skunkworks, and stealth craft explains away the need for secrecy in a place with secret craft, sensitive testing, and multiple air strips that probably do not function in conjunction with general air traffic control.  The need for secrecy, is understood, by this researcher, and it would not be my wish that any researcher or curios children go probing the area for UFOs or aggressive security measures. It may be more constructive to look for the data elsewhere. Wackenhut is not going to hand over the Freedom of Information cleared files on this information in my opinion.

The bizarre story of Bob Lazaar seemed more like a set up than anything else. Lazaar was shown the interior of an exotic UFO-type craft after being driven to the facility in a bus with tinted windows. He was later threatened and sworn to secrecy. His story seems one of a handful of similar cases, where someone with a certain type of expertise is shown things in their field that they can’t readily explain, and they are expected to go to the media with the story reinforcing the extreme fundamentalist conspiracy culture, accidently. These people would most probably be picked because of their patriotic honest personalities, this would be instrumental in reassuring their need to talk, even after being threatened, to a large audience about the “secrets” they have witnessed.

The Dulce base is quite a different story altogether. Functioning on the surface as a metaphor for the deep buried secrets, long feared by man locked in the unconscious, reptilians may represent genetic memory of reptilian instincts buried at the base of the brain. This facility supposedly reaches underground levels buried beneath the bases surface, into levels such as the infamous “Nightmare Hall”, a place repeatedly explained by those who claim to have escaped or worked there as a massive holding pen for human experiments. Details include reptilian guards, black beret clearance, and stories of grey alien shoot outs mostly stemming from “whistleblower” Phil Schneider. The stories go something to the tune of, the elite wanted underground bases built to have infinite secrecy underground. Some say this is where thousands of people go missing to each year; others claim this is where Monarch programming and child pedophilia rings are run in complete dark from the public. Underground facilities are also supposedly connected by long tunnels, some of which go underwater, all of which were built by nuclear drilling equipment specific to the Rand Corporation. Conspiracy theorists have readily tied these underground facilities to Disney World, the Bush family, and Howard Hughes…as to whether those ties are at all valid is beyond this researcher.


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